Business and Financial Planning Services

Small Biz Drs LLC is a full service small to medium size business consulting firm with 30 years of experience.  We can help you or connect you to one of our parteners who can assist you in any business area.  We will review your current business status, diagnosis the issues, make recommendations in order of importance, and work within your budget to heal and grow your company.

Here is a list of some of the most requested activities:

  • Business plans – develop from scratch and/or update/improve current plan
  • Pricing (too high/too low – what about your competitors)
  • Borrowing/ fund raising
  • Inventory – which products are most profitable, when to order (too few/too many)
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting (accuracy, correct accounts, track best activities, efficient/ simple) Do you need to hire someone, train someone, or just do a quick check and review?
  • Taxes (best business structure, don’t miss any writeoffs, efficient/simple)
  • Legal Issues – Best business structure, contracts, etc
  • Cashflow – growth of sales, growth of A/R, growth of A/P (discount/collection/credit policy)
  • Which numbers/ratios make the most sense for you to keep track of? Benchmarks for you and your employees to keep track of/ want to focus on key ratios to get you where you want to be ( Days inventory, Day A/R, Profit margin, Inc sales, inc new customers, retention of customers) 
  • Develop Strategy and ways to measure progress/ brainstorm improvement ideas, implement, track, feedback
  • Create business systems/ processed to make your business turnkey
  • Human Resource Issues

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