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Small Biz Drs LLC is a full service small to medium size business consulting firm specializing in growing small local businesses through digital marketing and financial planning.  We can help you in any area of business growth.  Founder and President, Dr. Shannon Donovan, has 30 plus years of experience in teaching and consulting in finance (personal, small business and corporate), digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

You know as a small business owner you need to commit your energy and time to what you do best, to be highly successful. Could you use a business consultant with over 30 years’ experience in finance, entrepreneurship and marketing to get you on track to maximize your profitability and growth?  We have helped countless entrepreneurs and business owners turn their vision for success into a reality.  We provide the knowledge and support to grow your business by improving daily operations, shaping marketing and sales strategies, and developing and implementing financial plans. 

We are passionate about working with small local business owners.  We love their passion, drive and excitement.  It is very fullfilling to see business not only succeed but to prosper and grow.

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Digital Marketing

We are a premier local marketing agency, specializing in local ranking of your website by growing online influence through search engines and other creative lead generation avenues. On the digital marketing side we can build you a website, update your website, manage your content, maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) to get you ranked on the first page of Google search, build and maximize your Google My Business (GMB) site, set up and monitor advertising on Google and Facebook (FB), handle your social media, reputation management, help you with branding and logos, and more. 

The bottom line is our internet marketing focuses on generating quality traffic to your website that ends up converting, and increasing your sales, the lifeline of any company.

Do you need Digital Marketing?

Being a small business owner means you wear all the hats; you must run your core operations, HR, sales, bookkeeping, taxes, purchasing, inventory, insurance, customer service, marketing, etc. So, what generally gets put last, marketing; it ends up a last thought when sales are low. You don’t have time and you really aren’t sure how. This results in out-of-date websites that don’t rank well, ineffective social media marketing, infrequent customer communication and not existent new content.

Marketing needs to be a higher priority. So where to start. We generally set as a rule of thumb for businesses just starting out to use 7 to 10% of revenue for marketing, but just as with investing you need to at least start somewhere. Set a budget, make a plan, and implement it. Planning is so important; you need to focus on business goals when making your plan not just the latest trend. We at Small Biz Drs have lots of guides to get you started and/or we can assist you with both making a plan and implementing it. We provide the educational material so you can understand what you need and how to prioritize your needs. Small Biz Drs is a full service digital marketing company. Our services include website design and/or update, website optimization to get your site ranking, social media marketing, content marketing, pay per click ad management, photography, video, etc. Everything you need for your marketing plan.

Our Digital Marketing Services include:

Digital Marketing Services:

We create affordable, professional, engaging, mobile responsive websites. Our websites have authoritative content using the most effective key words that are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) using the latest research to help Google and all the other search engines easily find and read your site so it can be top ranked and shown to your potential clients ahead of your competitors. Included are contact us forms designed specifically for your needs to drive new customer leads directly to you, a click to call button on every page, and social media links.  We also provide reliable hosting for your site. We design sites with your needs and budget in mind.  We can handle any job from starting out with a one-page website to websites with multiple pages.  Learn more here about all the features of our website design.

What if you already have a website, but it needs updating? We specialize in improving and updating already existing websites. We will do a free analysis of your site and offer suggestions of where we see improvement can be made. Then we work with your priorities and budget to decide which are the most effective improvements for your website.  We will review all your On-Page SEO to make sure your site is update to with the latest On-Page SEO techniques. We can update and add content, add videos, pictures, service area pages, blog pages, FAQ pages, and so much more. Google’s algorithms to decide which companies are shown first in a search are constantly changing so having your website updated by a team of experts current in the research is a savvy move.  We also process changes you may request in a timely manner. Once the improvements are made, we can manage the website to ensure it says up to date. Learn more here about how we can improve, update and management your website.

On-Page Search Engine Optimized (SEO) is making sure all the mechanics of your site are current with the latest Search Engine rules for ranking.  We research new changes in SEO updates and algorithms every day.  We will make sure your titles and descriptions for each page are the proper length to be seen correctly in every search. We use varied, researched keywords in the content, titles and descriptions. We make sure pictures and videos are labeled correctly with keywords and the size is optimized to not slow your site down. In the maintenance of your website, we change and add to content so that it varies and your keywords are updated and varied.  The sites will be SSL certified and have a site map; important quality to search engines such as Google.

Why is Off-Page SEO important? A beautiful website, with authoritative content, that is mobile responsive, and On-Page SEO optimized is essential, but this alone will not get you on page one of a Google search.  This is where Off-Page optimization comes in.  The major technique of Off-Page SEO is to get other high authority websites to point to your website.   Some companies simply provide directory listings; we do this and so much more to get authoritative, local, trusted sites to link to your site, which will be improving your rankings. We will also add and update content monthly at your request if you have something specific to add or we will develop it on our own with our content writers.  Most important here is the number and quality of inbound links. Learn more here about how SEO optimization can improve your website’s ranking.

Every company should have a Google My Business (GMB) account, often referred to as the Map pages.  The Map pages come up on page 1 of a Google search between the ads and the organic search results. We can assist you in developing and optimizing you GMB site so you rank both in the top pages organically in a search and in the top map pages. Once the GMB page is optimized then will can assist you get getting directory listings, citations, to point to your GMB page and your website.  If you have more than one location than you should have a GBM page for each location. Using GMB is a big opportunity missed by many small businesses.  Don’t let it happen to you. Learn more here about why GMB is so important.

We can help you get started or improve or expand your social media presence in a way that best meets your company’s needs and increase communication with your past, current and potential clients.  We believe a responsive, engaging, SEO optimized website is the first step in most digital marketing plans, followed up by social media marketing.  Social Media marketing can seem so overwhelming.  To start with, which social media platforms should you use? How many should you use?  We will guide you through the process of analyzing which Social media platforms to use by focusing on which platforms your current and potential customers are.  We suggest you start with no more than 3 platforms to begin with and we will work with you to develop a plan on how to approach your social media marketing on your own or within your budget.  Learn more about how we can help your social media marketing here.

Your reputation is important both on and off the internet. We can work with you to plan how to best manage your company’s reputation.  Online reviews are taken seriously by people searching for products or services.  We can help you grow and improve your reviews.  Gather reviews to be seen and manage any poor reviews that might arise. No matter how good your company is people are going to be talking about you online; we want to bring out the positive and learn how to deal with the negative. We will help you respond to negative review in a positive way and fix the issue if possible.  We also use the feedback to improve your business.  Learn more here on how to manage your reputation.

If you need customers fast or have an excess time or product at certain times of the year or slow times, we can run paid ads for you to target customers quickly and efficiently.  Here again the proper keywords are essential, so we research the best positive and negative key words to use and the correct number of keywords to use depending on your budget. We create daily and monthly budgets for your campaign and analyze the best times to run your campaign. We monitor the campaign and make improvements along the way.  We can target you exact local service area so you get calls from qualified potential customers. We have qualified, certified team members to create Google and FB ads.  Learn more here.

We are a top lead generator in local marketing.  We can generate thousands of quality leads for our clients every month.  There are no monthly costs and no long-term contracts to sign. We develop a plan that works for both of us.  The plan could be pay per lead, a percentage of sales, a combination or another unique plan.  We understand each business is unique, so we are willing to create a unique agreement with each business. Also, you only pay when a new customer calls. No pay for click.  No pay for sells call or repeat calls.  You only pay for new customers calling you. ALSO, all the leads ONLY go to you.  We do not send them to 4 or 5 other companies as most other services do.  You also get email notification of the calls and can listen to the recorded calls. You also receive email inquiries directly sent to you. Learn more here.

Business and Financial Planning

We can develop or update a complete business plan for you. We would work with you on the depth of the plan depending on your budget. Business plans for your own goals but can be used to raise capital or borrow. We can assist you with borrowing and raising funds. Are you unsure if you are pricing correctly? We can analyze your expenses and your competitor’s pricing to find what’s best for you. We can help you with inventory issues, bookkeeping and accounting issues, tax issues, and day to day cash flow issues. We can help you determine with numbers/ratio make the most sense for you to track and advise you benchmarks to aim for. We can help you develop strategies to measure progress and to create business systems and process to make your business more turnkey.