Web Design Services

Every digital marketing plan starts with your website; your website it where you should be driving traffic to.  When developing and updating your website we first want to understand you business goals and what you are currently doing.  We need to understand the purpose of your website. Is it to get new sales, retain existing clients, get or gather information, attract new employees, attract people to an event, etc.?  It’s important to portray your message with confidence and relevance, adding value to the target audience to attract new customer and retain current customers. You don’t want your website to be out of date and giving incorrect or inaccurate information.  We work with you to understand your story to make sure your website sends the message you want to it.

Lots of people think they can just build a website on their own, and they can; but it will most likely look like a “homemade” website and won’t portray the professionalism and creativity you want.  Also, you will not know how to optimize the site to get ranked by search engines such as Google because that takes technical skills that are continually changing.  Once the website is built you want to make sure it is achieving its goals which is done by reporting the metrics that are important your business. For example, our reports tracks the visits to your site, the number of pages visited, the number of call and/or contact forms. The information on these reports and others will certainly be able to get you started but you have to decide if that is a cost effective way to spend your time. Getting professional help will allow you to continue to perform your services or build your products, which is why you started your business in the first place. Think of it as the tax accountant, the auto repair, the house painter, etc. You could do all of you these things yourself, but you realize these are things best left to the experts in this field, so you can spent your time being the expert in your field.

Features Of Our Website Design

Our website’s are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing, which means the. This means that consumers can view your site on any device without having to navigate the screen to try and see hidden information. This is extremely important as now more then have of current searches are done on a smart phone or mobile device.
Mobile responsive means that all the websites we create will look amazing on any device (laptops, tablets and phones)
We use the latest and most cutting edge technology so your website will perform fast, look nice and be secure. 

Websites are build unique and personalized for you.
Forms to generate email contacts and call software solutions to turn your web forms into instant calls with prospective clients

We will host your site with a dependable, high performing service so there is no down time.

Being found in a search is only as good as the keywords you choose.  This is especially important in local marketing.  It is so important to understand how your potential customer will search for you.  We research your customer, your competitors and track your progress in ranking with these keywords

we assess your competitors to see how they are performing and what we need to do to top them in the rankings.

using keywords and varied content such as videos, images, articles, blogs. The home page should have between 1000 and 2000 words and the other pages should have 500 to 1000 words.  This content will be varied and never duplicated. If Google is going to direct a customer to your site, they want to be sure you are providing the correct content to answer their question or meet their need

Web design – blend best practices with the personality of your business.  Involve an exchange of ideas and feedback on all content. Trusted process allows us to ensure every project succeeds.  Industry best practices: easy to navigate, engaging design, organized content. Nice fonts, colors, spacing, layouts.  Engaging and professional.

Our Business Plan is simple – to provide small businesses with:

  • Domain names (registration and transfers)
  • High quality, professional website design, website development and website management
  • Optimize Websites so they get high search engine ranking
  • Dependable website hosting
  • Prompt website maintenance

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