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We recommend a good, optimized website before you start planning other ways of driving business to your website.  You can also help drive traffic to your site by sending regular eNewletters, blog posts, GMB posts, Social media marketing and pay per click marketing. Social media is a place to engage with your audience, build recognition and credibility. Deciding which social media platform to use can be overwhelming; and this is why professional guidance can be helpful. You need to understand where the majority of your customers and potential customers get their information to make this decision. The next key thing is be engaging and to add value and then consistency. Social media marketing can be expensive and the burden for small business owners.  This is also very time consuming and many business’s social media campaigns tend to vanish as the owner burns out.

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Even the negative posts need a response. If someone is posting a bad experience, we try to provide clarity or a resolution to the problem. We kill them with kindness in the process.  Generally it’s best to respond, listen to the issue, offer a solution, provide a place for them to be heard and continue to check on their status.