Digital Marketing Services

Small Biz Drs LLC is a full service small to medium size business consulting firm specializing in growing your business through digital marketing and financial planning.  We can help you in any area of business growth.  Founder and President, Dr. Shannon Donovan, has 30 plus years of experience in teaching and consulting in finance (personal, small business and corporate), digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

You know as a small business owner you need to commit your energy and time to what you do best, to be highly successful. Could you use a business consultant with over 30 years’ experience in finance, entrepreneurship and marketing to get you on track to maximize your profitability and growth?  We have helped countless entrepreneurs and business owners turn their vision for success into a reality.  We provide the knowledge and support to grow your business by improving daily operations, shaping marketing and sales strategies, and developing and implementing financial plans

Our Digital Marketing Services include:

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